Pizza Chain Eyes Drone Delivery

Pizza Chain Eyes Drone Delivery

( – Pizza delivery via drone could become a reality as soon as next year. On May 10, Zipline, a firm that uses drones for deliveries, announced that its newest program could conveniently fly two 13-inch pizzas, drinks, and sides to potential customers.

A popular pizza place in Seattle, Pagliacci, is considering testing drone delivery in partnership with Zipline. Each pizzeria could deliver orders within a 10-mile radius.

Co-owner Matt Galvin stated that the drones would allow for faster delivery and a greater reach than the chain’s crew of 250 drivers. The company doesn’t anticipate any change in delivery fees due to the use of drones.

Galvin added that many addresses near their stores are challenging for drivers to access. Drones allow for delivery despite distance or complicated pathways. Initially, only a select number of areas will deliver by air as they test the new system.

Parachute-dropping P1 drone deliveries are already being made by Zipline in North Carolina, Arkansas, and Utah. In 2022, Walmart had 6,000 drone deliveries successfully done with the help of the startup’s aircraft providers. The retailer said drone delivery had expanded to 36 hubs across seven states in January.

By joining Zipline, Pagliacci would become the second Washington state business to do so. Tacoma, Washington’s MultiCare Health System, is looking for a medical supply company to supply its clinics, medical centers, and hospitals.

Galvin stated that a central selling point of the Zipline partnership was its potential to reduce Pagliacci’s carbon footprint. However, the pizza magnate noted that he must keep a fleet of drivers because drones have some restrictions.

Pagliacci’s most popular order, a 17-inch pizza, will not fit on the machines. The drones can only handle deliveries of up to 8 pounds. In this case, it’s the size of the pizza box that is problematic, not the weight.

He said that the company has invested in electric bikes and delivery cars as part of its effort to go carbon-neutral. Still, Galvin said Zipline’s drones would enable him to scale his deliveries with up to 97% fewer emissions than cars.

Pagliacci Pizza is not without controversy. They paid $3.75 million to settle a wage-theft class action lawsuit in 2021. In the claim, the delivery drivers accused Pagliacci of not sharing the $3 delivery fee collected from consumers. That’s another significant benefit of drone delivery; they can’t sue the company.

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