Police Arrest Dozens Involved in Pro-Palestinian Protests At Universities

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Police have continued to make dozens of arrests at protests across the U.S., specifically at universities. At UPenn in Philadelphia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there were arrests made as police took down protest encampments.

In Philadelphia, school officials said that the students were given a chance to leave on their own without being detained and that they were going to take down a protest encampment that had been up for two weeks. Officials said that over thirty people were arrested at UPenn, but that only nine of them were students while the rest of the protesters had no affiliation with the school.

Protests at universities have been breaking out all over the country since students want their schools to cease funding Israel-focused organizations; organizers are amplifying their voices to end the war in Gaza. The United Nations Court has said that there is a “plausible risk of genocide” in Gaza, which Israel denies.

At MIT, police arrived at around four in the morning and gave protestors about fifteen minutes to leave. Ten students remained at the encampment and they were arrested.

At the University of Arizona, campus police fired tear gas at protesters. According to the university, police vehicles were spiked and rocks, water bottles, and other items were thrown at police and staff. Two people were arrested following this situation.

Police arrested thirteen people at the New Mexico State University in Las Cruces after they refused to leave a vandalized building. In addition, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, protesters agreed to dismantle their two-week-old encampment and not disrupt graduation if they were given the opportunity to speak with “decision-makers” who control university investments.

The protests started about three weeks ago with the protests at Columbia University in New York City. Some universities took action quickly, while others were tolerating protests and now are contacting police due to the ongoing disruption. Since these protests have started, almost three thousand students have been arrested.

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