President Biden Pushes Russia and China Together into Partnership

( – Experts have spoken out about President Biden’s “biggest blunder” saying that he has pushed Russia and China into a more strategic partnership.

Heritage Foundation senior fellow Michael Pillsbury said that this “shocking” partnership would have never happened under the Trump administration. President Biden’s ”faulty foreign policy” is being blamed for the partnership arising.

“Basically… we’re seeing what former President Trump was trying to do with China when he called himself ‘Tariff Man’ to get leverage over China to help us in various ways,” said Pillsbury.

“That’s simply not happening with Biden and to draw, to push together two nuclear powers, Russia and China, it’s really a blunder of the highest order.”

Pillsbury emphasized the military fears, saying, “The Russians had a million army troops built up on the Chinese border for a while, so to see them come together like this to me is just shocking. It’s one of the biggest blunders we’ll see in my lifetime.”

Putin visited Xi Jinping in Beijing to talk about things such as the Ukraine war, Taiwan, and other related current affairs. They showed support to each other and have expressed a “new era” partnership.

There has been heightened tension between the United States and China especially in recent weeks as the Biden administration places higher tariffs on Chinese imports. Biden has repeatedly stated that China has allowed itself to overproduce items such as electric vehicles to sell them at a lower cost, which could be a huge issue for American-owned electric vehicles.

The sanctions, plus other tensions with Russia due to the U.S.’s support of Ukraine, make this partnership intriguing, but especially dangerous for the U.S.

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