Previously Deported Foreigners Arrested in Theft Sting

( – Four foreign nationals were arrested after they were captured on camera committing retail theft in southern California during a police sting operation.

On September 8, police initiated surveillance of four people at a Macy’s in the South Lake retail neighborhood, according to a news statement issued by the Pasadena Police Department.

The report said that detectives intently followed four persons who were meticulously picking high-value apparel items. Some in the media have received CCTV footage from the police showing three thieves robbing a Macy’s as another shoplifter kept watch. According to the statement, the four did not pay for the merchandise before leaving the business.

The culprits evaded capture despite detectives’ best efforts to apprehend them. Three of the perpetrators were eventually caught on foot following a short foot pursuit, while the fourth reportedly attempted to flee by driving a car into an officer’s car.

One of the officers used an intervention tactic to prevent the suspect from fleeing, according to the announcement from law enforcement. The suspect tried to speed away, but another officer was able to immobilize his car, and he was eventually caught.
The confrontation and ensuing arrests did not result in any injuries to police personnel.

According to the report, Vasile Alberto Balan, Cosmin Cismarv, Mihaela Simion, and Sorin Marin Stefan were named as suspects. They were all accused of major larceny and arrested.

Lt. Carolyn Gordon of the Pasadena Police Department said they have reason to believe the criminal ring was engaged in additional burglaries. Authorities know the gang is involved in a wide range of illegal activities in Nevada and California. There is information on at least 15 crimes.
According to the Pasadena police, the four suspects had previously been deported.

Forensic anthropologist Erick Urquieta explained that crime gangs enter the country legally through visa fraud. These criminals obtained their visas via questionable channels and originated in Romania.

Gordon said they will keep doing these initiatives to let offenders know Pasadena doesn’t want them and will arrest them.

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