“Project 2025” Plan Intended To Dismantle The Deep State

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A handful of conservative organizations, headed by the long-standing Heritage Foundation, have prepared a 1,000-page plan to dismantle the expansive bureaucracy in the federal government, or what many conservatives term the “Deep State.”

Dubbed “Project 2025,” the plan is specifically being developed in anticipation of a second Trump term. With the plan also being assisted by former Trump administration officials, the name of the game is to install a completely new federal infrastructure on day one of the Trump administration should he be elected, doing away with what many conservatives consider to be a pernicious federal bureaucracy in favor of Democrats.

The plan would entail firing more than 50,000 workers in the federal government in an effort to “flood the zone with conservatives,” according to Paul Dans, director of Project 2025.

Calls to dismantle the Deep State began to accelerate in 2018 when former Department of Homeland Security Miles Taylor, previously anonymous, published an op-ed in The New York Times proclaiming to be part of the “resistance” inside the Trump administration. The op-ed would lead to further discussions among conservatives who took issue with the idea of a group of unelected federal bureaucrats taking the law into their own hands to thwart the policy initiatives of a president they do not agree with.

Tensions also rose again in 2021, almost one month after the January 6 Capitol riots, when an op-ed was published in Time magazine effectively bragging about the “shadow campaign” that “saved” the 2020 election. The opinion piece praised the informal “alliance” between left-wing activists and business titans, which to many conservatives, confirmed their suspicions of a shadow government working to take out Trump behind the scenes.

The unprecedented effort by Project 2025 to curtail this so-called Deep State marks a sharp contrast in traditional conservative policy initiatives, which are usually known for focusing specifically on cutting taxes and federal spending. This project, however, is far more ambitious, as it seeks to change the entire institutional make-up of the modern federal establishment.

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