Prosecutor Says It’s “Game Over” For Donald Trump

Prosecutor Says It's

( – Federal prosecutors have an audio recording of former President Donald Trump talking about keeping a classified Pentagon document outlining a possible attack on Iran after he left office, the Associated Press reported.

Sources familiar with the matter told CNN that in the audio recording, which was made in July 2021 at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump suggested that he wanted to share the details of the document but said he knew there were limits to his ability to declassify documents now that he is no longer president.

The recording was obtained by Special Counsel Jack Smith, whose prosecutors are looking into the former president’s mishandling of classified records and whether Trump sought to obstruct the probe.

While CNN acknowledged that it had not listened to the recording, multiple sources described the contents.

In July 2021, two ghostwriters working on the autobiography of former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows met with Trump and his aides at Bedminster, where this audio recording was made. According to the sources who spoke to CNN, the two writers did not have security clearances. Meadows’ book subsequently included an account similar to the audio recording.

According to the Associated Press, the special counsel probe into the classified documents appears to be reaching the final stages.

CNN reported that several grand jury witnesses, including Gen. Mark Milley, have been questioned about the July 2021 recording.

A spokesman for the former president accused the Justice Department of leaking information about the special counsel’s probe to interfere with the 2024 presidential election.

In a recent interview, Andrew Weissman, the former investigator with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into the Russian collusion hoax, stated that if the CNN report is true, “this is game over” for Donald Trump.

Weissman said that there would be “no way” that Donald Trump will “not be charged” for his mishandling of classified documents.

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