Public School District Warns Schools Not To Resist New Florida Gender Ideology Law

( – A public school district in Florida is now warning its public schools to comply with Governor Ron DeSantis’ new educational policies against the gender transitioning of children, using or requiring preferred pronouns, as well as using bathrooms that do not correlate with a person’s biology.

The memo warning schools to comply with the new policies came from the Orange County Public Schools District, outlining how it will comply with and enforce the new laws meant to stop the spread of left-wing gender ideology.

House Bill 1069, passed by the Florida Legislature, prohibits the teaching of gender ideology, such as the notion that gender is “fluid” and a social construct, or that people can “transition” to whatever gender they please.

The memo noted that the bill bars schools from requiring “employees, contractors or other students” to address people by their preferred pronouns. The law takes the position that pronouns correspond to a person’s actual biology, not to whatever feeling a person says they have about their “gender identity.”

The memo also warned school teachers and employees not to ask for the preferred pronouns of students or other staff, reaffirmed that staff cannot provide their own nicknames or pronouns that do not match up with how they were born biologically.

Violating this new law can bring severe legal consequences to teachers and other school employees, such as losing one’s license to teach if found guilty of a violation.

The news comes as the battle continues to be fought over the content of the education being provided to children. It also represents a larger cultural dispute over the nature of gender and biology, and whether or not gender is simply a “social construct” that people can move in and out of fluidly. Those on the left have called the measures such as Florida’s anti-LGBTQ and discriminatory, while conservatives praise the bill as an extra measure against the spread of left-wing gender ideology in public schools.

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