Putin Prepared to use Nuclear Weapons?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, recently stated that if his country’s independence is threatened, it is prepared to use nuclear weapons.

Many have said that Putin has focused this message towards the West and he sounds certain that he will have another six years after this election. This isn’t the first time that Putin has spoken about using nuclear weapons since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. He has also spoken about using nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine, but said there was no need for that and he “doesn’t think the world is heading for nuclear war.”

The spokeswoman for the U.N., Stéphane Dujarric, said, “…all rhetoric that could lead to miscalculation or escalation with obvious catastrophic consequences for the world must be avoided.” Putin’s message was more than likely directed towards the West in saying that he is willing to do anything he can to protect the gains he’s won from Ukraine.

He also referenced NATO shortly by saying that “the nations that say they have no red lines regarding Russia should realize that Russia won’t have any red lines regarding them either.”

President Joe Biden spoke about the United States and how they wouldn’t be sending troops into Ukraine; Putin responded by saying that if the U.S. did send troops in then they would view them as “invaders and act accordingly.”

Vladimir Putin also stated that in order for the war to end, Ukraine and the West would have to make concessions and agree to a deal. According to Putin, “It shouldn’t be a break for the enemy to rearm, but a serious talk involving the guarantees of security for the Russian Federation.”.

Ukraine has launched successful attacks on Russia in the last few weeks including a recent attack that downed over fifty drones and killed two people.

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