Putin’s Secret Country Compound Revealed

Ladoga skerries on the lake. A beautiful view of the rocky shores covered with pine trees. Nordic nature at sunset. Stunning view of islands and archipelago. National Park of Karelia

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Recently Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, supposedly sectioned off a plot of land for himself that is about 18 miles from the border of a NATO member state.

A journalist for the Dossier Centre, Ilya Rozhdestvenskiy, expanded on how the plot was discovered, saying, “It is not known for certain what exactly this site is for, but judging by satellite images, it appeared in the last couple of years.”

Rozhdestvenskiy continued with what this piece of land may be, saying, “It is possible that an air defense system is being displayed here…This is not the first time that marks on the ground – from the support of military equipment deployed in combat positions from the air – have protected the president.”

The land is in Karelia which is a territory that borders Finland, and it’s a one-kilometer plot of land adjacent to a 3-kilometer of fenced-in forest. Putin shares this plot of land with his lover, who is a 40-year-old gymnast.

The residence itself includes a brewery, a tearoom, a pool or fountain, a bathhouse, a fishery, and a farm. The property also has private access to a lake and a waterfall. It’s also claimed that the compound has a helicopter pad, an underground entrance, and a pier for yachts.

The land around the site is fenced in, guarded by security, and monitored by security cameras. A fisherman who recently visited the land was stopped by security and questioned regarding his purpose for being there. It’s also said that those who were living in close proximity to the land were paid to move away and they did.

It’s said that many of Putin’s allies and friends own land, restaurants, or other areas around this plot of land. This shows that Putin doesn’t have to go that far in order to enjoy some time with people that he knows.

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