Rafah Attack Poses A Difficult Choice for Israel to Make

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Israel has moved into Rafah between Gaza and Egypt despite the warnings from the United States and other countries. Rafah is the last place Palestinians are sheltering, and Israel has been talking about an attack there for weeks even with pushback from other countries. Despite all of this, Israel has headed into Rafah and claimed control over the area.

Just last week Joe Biden stated that he would cut the supply of weapons to Israel if they continued with their plan to move into Rafah. This was the biggest pushback from the United States since the war started.

Israel pressed on saying that they needed to destroy four Hamas battalions in the area, but some people have said that this attack might not even be a “game changer” for the war itself. With the talks of the initiative not making much of a difference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to say that this is the way they can achieve “total victory.”

The government’s tactics have yet to destroy Hamas. The assessment has said that between ten thousand and fourteen thousand “fighters” have been killed but this number could be off since it includes any dead male of “fighting” age.

The main concern comes with the violence perpetrated by Hamas, which is harboring hostages who are dying and starving. Israel is being accused of genocide by the International Court of Justice.

Canada and Italy have stopped weapons exports to Israel, Colombia has cut diplomatic ties, and Turkey has put a trade ban in place.

The war has been problematic for people as it’s affecting their mental health and their financial wellness. The war continues and more people are dying to achieve a “total victory” that doesn’t seem to be coming.

A solution that included a ceasefire and release of hostages was brought up to officials, but the conversation stopped after Hamas demanded a complete end to the war.

Some have stated that ending the war could be best for Israel as that’s the only way to salvage their fractured relationship with the United States and the world.

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