Record Number of Travellers Pass Through U.S. Security

( – In the United States, more than three million people passed through airport security this past Sunday, a record number. That is the first time ever that this many people went through and were screened by security in a given day, according to the United States Transportation Security Administration.

The record was predicted to be hit during the Fourth of July weekend, and it topped the 2.99 million people that went through and broke the record originally at the end of June.

Eight out of ten of the busiest days in TSA history have come during this year as the number of travelers tops levels even seen before COVID-19. The number of travelers had been low because of COVID, but the number has steadily increased since the end of the pandemic.

TSS has been in place since the events of 9/11, and they’ve replaced private security companies that were in charge before. The agency is under the Department of Homeland Security, and they have said that on Sunday, when the three million person record was hit, they checked in thirty-five passengers every second.

Most United States airlines predicted that they would have lost money in the first quarter, but then they would pick up for a busy summer. Delta Airlines has reported earnings for their second quarter to be fifteen billion, which is one billion dollars more than they did last year in the same period. United Airlines and American Airlines are expected to get their revenue results soon, and Wall Street has predicted that they will have a higher revenue as well.

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