Republicans Warn Capitol Hill Staffers About Rising DC Crime Rate

( – House Republicans issued a warning to congressional staff on Monday, September 11 about the rising violent crime rates in the nation’s capital, urging Capitol Hill employees to take the necessary steps to stay safe.

The House Administration Committee, a body tasked with overseeing the Capitol complex, announced that it would hold an “informational security briefing” next week for Capitol employees interested in learning about safety procedures and precautions.

The committee said that Washington, D.C. has experienced a dramatic uptick in violent crime and theft. It made note of the city being on track to having the highest rates of homicide in two decades, as well as a 105% increase in car-jackings and a 113% increase in motor vehicle thefts.

The capital city’s worsening crime rates have already affected members of Congress and various staffers. When providing examples, the committee pointed to Minnesota Democrat Rep. Angie Craig, who was attacked in her apartment building in February. An aide of Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul was also stabbed in March.

The news also comes as the Mexican consulate in Washington previously warned Mexican citizens to “take precautions” when living in the district due to surging crime rates. Guatemala’s consulate also issued similar warnings to its citizens who may be staying in the District.

According to data from the Metropolitan Police Department, violent crime in the nation’s capital is up 39% so far this year, wiping away the small decrease in crime seen from 2021 to 2022. Property crime has also increased 27%.

Even more worrying is how the nation’s capital seems to be defying national crime trends. Nationally, homicide and violent crime rates have seen an overall decrease. Public officials in Washington have struggled to give an answer as to why the city is experiencing such a strong surge in crime.

While Washington is technically under the control of Congress due to it being a federal district, elected Democrat city officials are responsible for running the city’s daily operations.

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