Researchers Looking into Unusual Spike in Cancer Following COVID

( – A group of scientists and doctors from the United States are investigating a potential correlation between the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in cancer. There has been an increase in rare and deadly cancers following the pandemic that has prompted officials to take a look into the potential reasons why.

A group of medical experts have banded together to launch studies after discovering a possible link between COVID and cancer diagnoses from observing their own patients.

CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates and an oncologist in South Carolina, Kashyap Patel, said, “I’ve been in practice 23 years and have never seen anything like this.” Researchers have said that they hope this isn’t the case, but that a link is a high potential considering the data that they’ve already collected.

Afshin Beheshti, president of the COVID-19 International Research Team, spoke out saying that they hope they are wrong about this. However, he said that studies have shown that COVID was causing inflammation and infection in organs that were then susceptible to cancer cell development.

Medical disruptions, according to some medical experts, may be to blame for the proliferation of aggressive cancers since the pandemic. They have also said that it could be because hospitals have to turn away patients who have cancer or weren’t diagnosed early enough due to the fear of COVID.

Douglas C. Wallace, an evolution biologist and a geneticist at the University of Pennsylvania, said, “I would say most governments don’t want to think about long COVID and much less long COVID and cancer.” Wallace said, “It cost them so much to deal with COVID. So there is very little funding for the long-term effects of the virus. I don’t think that’s a wise choice.”

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