Reynolds Announces Which GOP Candidate She’s Endorsing

( – Iowa’s Republican Governor, Kim Reynolds, announced that she is officially endorsing Governor Ron DeSantis instead of Trump for the 2024 Presidential election.

On Monday, Ron DeSantis met with Reynolds at a political campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa. She announced her endorsement of DeSantis at the event.

DeSantis needs many more voters in his camp if he plans to beat Trump and become the Republican Presidential nominee on the ballot. The endorsement from Reynolds will aid him when he endeavors to attract new supporters.

Reynolds is steering away from endorsing former President Donald Trump. This move surprised some as the former President had given Reynolds his endorsement in the past. Reynolds’s endorsement may attract Iowan voters away from Trump and toward DeSantis.

The former governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, has been doing well in the polls and gaining ground as a presidential candidate and close contender with DeSantis. DeSantis may get a boost from Reynold’s endorsement and help him pull away from Haley.

Iowa will be the first state to hold its caucus for the 2024 Republican presidential primaries.

Governor DeSantis has visited about 88 percent of the counties in Iowa. His campaign managers say they were inspired by Senator Chuck Grassley, who visited every county in the state.

Reynolds originally wanted to stay neutral and not endorse anyone in the primaries. She does not wish any GOP nominee to feel boxed out of Iowa, she said. Reynold said if she endorses any particular candidate, she doesn’t know whether the other nominees will “feel all that welcome.”

The Iowan Governor was once considered a possible running mate for the position of vice president for Donald Trump. This time, Trump said an endorsement from Reynolds would “not make any difference in this race.” He said he loved Iowa and took $28 billion from China and gave it to American farmers. Trump said he endorsed and rallied for Reynolds when she dropped in the polls. He also said Reynolds won her Governorship as a result of his endorsement.

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