RFK Jr. Commits to Federally Backing Reparations Payments

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Conservatives who formerly applauded Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign as a moderate option to left-wing Democrats have turned against him when he came out in favor of reparations, alluding to the social harm caused by Jim Crow segregation.

On his campaign website, Kennedy lays out his stance on “Civil Rights” and “Racial Healing.”

The statement claims that those neighborhoods singled out for destruction must be the first to get aid in their restoration. Businesses, hospitals, banks, schools, and farms owned by African Americans were burned down during the Jim Crow era.

Racists understood that the black community couldn’t prosper without them, Kenneyd said in his statement. He claimed the US must allocate government funds specifically for the revitalization of black communities.

The initiatives supplement direct payments for restitution or tax credits given to the descendants of Jim Crow victims and other persecuted groups.

The statement claimed RFK Jr. will devise means of providing this compensation that is Constitutional, “equitable”, and popular with people of all backgrounds in the United States.

The political context of RFK’s reparations attitude is laid out in an article published in the New York Post on October 19. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential contender, is the only 2024 candidate to advocate the contentious concept of distributing reparations to the black population as a means of atonement for slavery and segregation. President Biden has been mostly mute on the matter, much to the dismay of some on the extreme left.

Kennedy’s moderate reputation took a hit from conservatives on X (Twitter) about the reparations he demanded.

Reports show Kennedy appeared shaken up by a tense appearance with Fox News last week, in which Sean Hannity grilled him on his liberal views on crucial issues like “green” legislation.

Hannity told Kennedy that he is obviously a liberal. The Fox host pointed to Kennedy’s desire to end logging, fracking, and oil drilling. Hannity also noted that Kennedy once called the NRA a ‘terror group.’ Over the years, he backed Democrats like Gore, Obama, Kerry, and Hillary, Hannity said.

Hannity asked Kennedy why his party did not let him compete, as his record is as liberal as that of the Democratic Party.
A media outlet reported Kennedy claimed Hannity was regurgitating talking points based on 40-year-old statements that are outdated, and some that Kennedy never made.

Hannity replied that he was providing him with comments from 2016 to 2019. He ended the statement by saying Kennedy held those positions recently.

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