Ron DeSantis Ratings Outclassed By Trump-Tucker Interview

( – The ratings of former President Donald Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson have seemingly outclassed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign launch via Twitter Spaces.

DeSantis’ May 25 campaign launch reeled in more than 3.4 million listeners on Twitter Spaces, a feature on the social media platform that allows people to speak to others. However, DeSantis’ campaign launch got off to a rocky start as the website could not handle 3.4 million people in one space at once, causing the session to crash.

After the session was rebooted, the final audience settled down to approximately 300,000 listeners, according to The New York Times.

Trump, by contrast, during his recent interview with former late-night Fox News host Tucker Carlson — which he filmed during the August 23 Republican presidential primary debate — wound up getting 75 million views during the first 20 minutes of it airing. The interview was Carlson’s 19th episode in his new series, which is similar to the former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News before he was fired from the network.

However, the entire series is posted on Twitter instead of live TV. The immense difference in viewership shocked many commentators. Carl DeMaio, a conservative commentator, posted on Twitter that the ratings were a “blowout,” and that “Trump-Tucker CRUSHED competition.”

Popular conservative influencer Jack Posobiec also took to Twitter, praising the former president’s overperformance, saying that the high number of ratings were “incredible.”

The interview between Carlson and Trump, which was approximately 46 minutes, touched on a variety of controversial topics, such as the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s relationship with former Vice President Mike Pence, as well as whether the former president is concerned about a potential assassination plot against him.

The news comes as Trump still by and large remains the kingpin of the Republican Party, even amid the several criminal indictments coming from New York, the Department of Justice and Georgia over alleged crimes relating to classified documents, conspiracy and election fraud.

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