Ron DeSantis Takes Action To Stop U.S. Dollar Replacement

Ron DeSantis Takes Action To Stop U.S. Dollar Replacement

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently introduced multiple pieces of legislation heralded by conservatives. Last week, he signed into law a bill that would ban the federal government from bringing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to the Sunshine State, according to The Daily Wire.

When he unveiled the strategy in March, DeSantis was reportedly concerned about the Biden administration and Federal Reserve’s plan to tie the U.S. dollar to digital currency. Critics say that a centralized currency could increase the federal government’s power to freeze or hold citizens’ assets, especially those with differing political opinions. A recent example is when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze the accounts of people protesting his policies.

The new law prohibits the government from using the CBDC by excluding it from the definition of money within Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code. In addition, foreign CBDC is prohibited to protect citizens from “globalist efforts.”

DeSantis stated that the CBDC is the latest attempt of the government to control everyone’s finances, adding that Florida values “personal freedom.”

The governor also took aim at credit card companies tracking gun purchases using Merchant Category Codes. He is fining companies that come out in violation of his policy to protect Floridians from being retaliated against for their political views.

DeSantis is urging other states in his Florida-led coalition against Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards to follow his lead in banning CBDC. But he has been busy passing other vital legislation in the meantime, including a ban on the influence that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has on the education system and illegal immigration.

SB 1718 reportedly includes a list of proactive measures to combat the border crisis that began with the Biden administration. This involves suspending the license of employers that knowingly hire illegal immigrants and requiring employers to check the immigration status of potential hires.

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