Russia Fires Ballistic Missiles At Ukraine… AGAIN?!

The missiles are aimed at the sky at sunset. Nuclear bomb, chemical weapons, missile defense, a system of salvo fire.

( – With the war between Ukraine and Russia amping up, especially over the New Year, we’re not expecting to see it taper off any time soon. In fact, Russia just launched another strike on Ukraine and hit their two biggest cities, leaving people both dead and injured.

On Tuesday morning Russia launched hypersonic ballistic missiles at Ukraine’s two largest cities which resulted in 5 people dead and over 130 people injured. These hypersonic Kinzhal missiles are said to fly 10 times the speed of sound, and they struck both Kyiv and Kharkiv in Ukraine.

After looking into the missiles used, it was clear that one missile was the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal which is an air-launched hypersonic ballistic missile that is very expensive.

Right after the strike, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalenskyy said, “As of now, 92 people have been reported injured. They are all receiving assistance. Unfortunately, four people were killed. My condolences go out to their families and close ones.”

He continues by thanking everyone and saying, “I thank the employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, police officers, doctors,” while continuing to say that almost 100 missiles were shot down at them.

Zelenskyy also spoke about the attack and gave credit to Ukraine’s military forces who were able to shoot down rockets and save potentially hundreds of lives. Ukraine successfully shot down many of the missiles and drones coming their way, which proves their increase in air defense.

This attack is yet another in the lineup of aggressive moves against Ukraine. They have progressively gotten worse and records state that without the interference of the Ukrainian military, all of the missiles launched could have caused many more deaths and injuries.

This attack is following the deadliest attack they’ve seen in Ukraine, which occurred on Friday where at least 41 victims were killed and many more were injured. It was essentially the largest single attack on Ukraine since the Ukraine-Russia war started.

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, also said that Russia launched almost 170 Shahed drones and “dozens of missiles” against Ukraine.

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