Russians Planning For Election With Guaranteed Putin Win

( – In the upcoming Russian elections, there is no surprise that Vladimir Putin will emerge the winner, once again.

Vladimir Putin will be in office until 2030, his fifth win, if he comes out successful in this election. He’s been in office since 1999 and many don’t think he’s going to be ready to step down from the position any time soon.

The Kremlin said that they knew Putin would win the election “comfortably” and that they weren’t expecting any surprises with the results. Putin will be on the ballot next to only three other candidates, who are all part of the opposition to the current system in Russia.

The Kremlin is expecting to see a high number of voters with a vast amount of votes for Putin as the election results come in. An advisor for consultancy Teneo, Andreas Tursa, said “The Kremlin seeks an election result that would demonstrate overwhelming public support for Putin and, by extension, his domestic and foreign policy agenda.” he continued by saying that the Kremlin is expecting a “landslide victory.”

Experts have said that Putin doesn’t have any real competition and ultimately, authorities can make the outcome that they want happen if things don’t necessarily lean their way, but they’re not concerned about Putin losing to any other candidate.

Russians in Ukrainian territory will be able to vote like normal, however, Ukraine has stated that these votes would be illegal coming from their territory.

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming election and the way that Russia runs its elections. Opposers have stated that the elections are faked by Russian authorities and that the result will always be in their favor. These elections have been deemed as “not free or fair at all” and many don’t think their votes really matter.

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