Sage Steel Recounts Biden Interview Experience – Very Sad.

( – According to former ESPN anchor Sage Steele, her interview with President Biden was the saddest thing because Biden couldn’t complete his words and sounded bewildered.

Even over two years ago, the most elderly president in the history of the United States struggled, Steele claimed. He trailed off on subjects.

Steele said on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast on Sunday to ignore politics since she did not vote for him and believes Biden is a poor president. What we see with him now is upsetting because of the human element. Even more so when you consider that the family must have known before the election was held.

Steele said a satellite interview occurred, and she had to delay Biden while they fixed technological issues. She was unable to see the president because his aide put a cover over the camera until the very last moment, but she could hear him.

Biden asked what the interview was for and what’s her name. The assistant answered ESPN. SportsCenter. And then Biden said, “Oh, OK.”

Steele recalled the event as Maher burst out in laughter. The president then began telling her about his time spent playing football. Steele said that despite the fact that she still couldn’t see him, he began bragging about his football prowess by telling anecdotes. Biden said he had the greatest hands.

Steele said the worst part was that his voice faded away before becoming quiet, and then he said that he ‘used to be good.’ He then said, “Uhhh… never mind.”

Steele said that’s why he was hiding out in the basement throughout the election, and it broke her heart to discover it.

Steele’s podcast interview occurred just a few days after Maher suggested that Biden not run for president again in 2024.

Maher explained that it’s important that voters see Biden as too elderly. No matter how much of a national treasure he is, he still has no chance against Trump.

Maher joked that If he’s on an airplane and the captain introduces himself as Buzz Aldrin, he’s getting off.

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