San Francisco Officials Pushing for Drug-Free Housing

( – San Francisco lawmakers Matt Dorsey and Rafael Mandelman have announced that they would push legislation allowing unrestricted state funds to go toward drug-free housing.

This would be a reversal of a law in California that prohibits state funding from being used for sober housing. Said Mendelman, “It’s not enough to get folks indoors and keep them alive until they die of overdose.” He continued, “The point is to get them indoors so we can support them in living long and full and productive lives.”

Keith Humphreys, a Stanford psychology professor, explained what needs to happen in San Francisco to turn things around. “San Francisco needs different kinds of supportive housing for the diverse range of people who are homeless, including recovery-oriented housing for people with addictions,” he stated. “Research shows that recovery housing helps residents cease substance use, find a job, and stay out of jail.”

Advocates emphasized the importance of having clean and stable housing after quitting drugs. They expressed that people who are homeless are exposed to drugs every single day, and they have more of a chance to relapse.

Voters have been putting pressure on the state to make a change and be more aggressive on drug-related crime. This eventually pushed law enforcement to take a more aggressive approach, which led to them making over two thousand arrests of suspected dealers and users. According to reports, there has only been a small number of these detainees who have sought out treatment after their arrest.

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