Sanctuary Cities Beg for Intervention Against Migrant Invasion

( – Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois has sent a letter to President Joe Biden, using the migrant situation to engage in some political theater.

Reports show that with laws like the TRUST Act and the Immigrant Tenants Protection Act, which typically forbids local law enforcement from cooperating in immigration enforcement, Illinois has operated as a self-proclaimed sanctuary for illegal immigrants for years.

The Welcoming City Ordinance in the state’s most populous city, Chicago, stipulates that no one will be asked about their immigration status, information will not be shared with authorities, and no one will be denied municipal services based on immigration status.

Before Republican governors bused illegal immigrants to their city, Illinois’ sanctuary status was a matter of pride for many locals.

Governor Pritzker is now pressuring President Biden.

Governor Pritzker requested concrete suggestions for government action in a letter to President Biden. He suggested creating a single White House office to coordinate national operations at the border, with the director answering directly to the President. Pritzker claims that states and localities have difficulty handling their problems due to a lack of cooperation among several federal agencies under the existing system.

This situation is rife with irony. Illinois has proudly advertised its sanctuary policy for years, encouraging the entry of illegal immigrants. The Governor has reached out to the feds for assistance since the state can no longer sustain the costs of his programs.

According to a report, Pritzker signed SB 1817 on June 30, which adds immigrant status as a protected class to the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Chicago’s answer to the expanding immigration crisis, as detailed in a May article, has been to convert police facilities into temporary shelters, where asylum seekers are being fed expired rations and often face health issues due to illnesses and vermin.

According to personnel, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport has become a hazardous and unsanitary homeless encampment.

As the volume of migrants increases, O’Hare has become more congested and unhygienic.

The governor claims that over 15,000 people have sought refuge in Illinois over the previous year and that this trend is only increasing. Over $330 million from the state and $100 million from Chicago have been set aside for humanitarian help.

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