Santos Hit with 23-Count Indictment.

( – On Tuesday, the DOJ stated that Republican Congressman George Santos had been charged with a total of 23 counts in a superseding indictment.

In a news statement, the DOJ said that Santos routinely used the credit cards of campaign donors without their permission and filed fraudulent fundraiser reports with the FEC to get financial support for his campaign.

On Tuesday, the Eastern District of New York said that Santos had been charged with misrepresenting his campaign’s financial situation to the FEC and the public by stealing people’s identities and placing charges on their credit cards.

According to US Attorney Breon Peace, Santos reportedly oversaw various other fraudulent criminal enterprises. Santos inflated the campaign’s reported revenues with fake or stolen loans and donations.

In May, charges of wire fraud, theft of public funds, and money laundering were filed against Santos.

New charges were filed on Tuesday, adding to the earlier seven.

An investigative report shows that regarding the indictment against Santos from May, the government was too aggressive in prosecuting the case.

Five charges of “wire fraud” were filed against Santos for his role in a political donation-soliciting operation. Santos was charged for each electronic communication with voters.

Counts 6-8 included alleged illegal transactions totaling more than $10,000.Counts 10 and 11 included unemployment benefits wire fraud.

According to the federal government, Santos received $24,741 in Covid relief benefits despite earning $120,000 a year in pay.

Santos was charged twice for wire transfers totaling $564.

Santos is accused of making deceptive statements before the House of Representatives, which is the subject of Counts 12 and 13.

Allegedly, Santos lied about his finances to the House of Representatives. It is claimed that he inflated his earnings by lying about a financial transaction.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters earlier this year that if it is found that Rep. George Santos violated the law, Santos would be expelled from Congress.

A report suggests that since Rep. Santos took a seat from New York Democrats, the Biden administration has become hostile toward him. When he beat Robert Zimmerman in November, George Santos turned New York’s 3rd Congressional District red.

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