Schiff Wants Feinstein’s Seat – There’s Just One Problem

( – Nancy Pelosi endorsed Representative Adam Schiff for Dianne Feinstein’s senate seat. There is just one problem: Schiff lives in Potomac, Maryland, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C.

On his taxes, Schiff claimed that he lives in a condo in Burbank, Los Angeles. On Thursday, CNN reported that based on Schiff’s social media activities and public records, he seems to have his home base in Potomac, Maryland.

Schiff became a Congressman in 2000. He wrote that his house in Maryland was his “primary residence” in 2003. He then renegotiated his mortgage at least four times between 2009-2012 and noted that the Potomac house was his primary home.

The deed for Schiff’s Burbank house, which he bought in 2009, had his California address crossed out and replaced with his Maryland one. The deed was sent to the Maryland house, and it was notarized on the east coast.

California law is vague when it comes to requirements relating to where nominees live. A professor at the University of Maryland, Candace Turitto, said Schiff is not doing anything illegal when going after the senate seat. She continued, saying that candidates for the seat representing California must have “inhabitancy in the state at the time elected.” Schiff follows this rule as he owns the Burbank condo.

While his residency in Maryland is not illegal, it may hurt Schiff’s chances of being elected in the Senate race as California residents may not appreciate their would-be senator living in Maryland. In addition, the three candidates for the seat may bring up Schiff’s home base location as part of their campaigns. Turitto said the other candidates might question Schiff’s “quality of representation or integrity” as a senator. The race is close and could hurt Schiff’s ranking in the election.

On Schiff’s campaign website, it says he is “settled in Burbank, CA” with his family. It also says this will be his primary residence even if he is elected and wins the seat. A representative of Schiff’s campaign noted that Schiff moved his family to D.C. because he wanted to see his children more often.

The spokesperson also said Schiff has the two homes listed as primary residences for “loan purposes.” He does not want either house to be mistaken for a vacation property.

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