School Districts Awarded $1 Billion for Green School Buses by Biden

( – The Biden Administration has announced that they are sending nine hundred million dollars in rebates to over five hundred school districts in the US that replace diesel-powered buses with electric buses.

They said that they will help buy more than three thousand buses; over ninety percent of them will be electric. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that making this switch will combat asthma and help speed up the goal of hitting zero-emission vehicles. The EPA has awarded almost three million dollars for over eight thousand electric bus replacements.

The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan said, “President Biden believes every child deserves the opportunity to lead a healthy life and breathe clean air, and his Investing in America agenda is designed to deliver just that.”

He continued, “With today’s latest round of funding, we are transforming the nation’s school bus fleet to better protect our most precious cargo, our kids, saving school districts money, improving air quality, and bolstering American manufacturing all at the same time.”

This is part of the clean school bus program that was put in place three years ago by Biden and it has the goal of replacing ICE vehicles with electric vehicles to combat emissions. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President and CEO Derrick Johnson and Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi are announcing the rebate rewards this week.

Thompson spoke out saying that this program and initiative would help to have a “cleaner, safer, and more efficient means of school transportation,” and it “contributes to protecting our environment.” He went on to say that this initiative would help to pave the way for stronger student success.

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