Senate Candidate Makes Startling Admission

( – According to a report, ex-one-term Republican congressman Peter Meijer said on Monday that he would run for the vacant Senate seat in Michigan this year. The state’s Conservative Republican Party quickly sneered at him.

Monday, the Michigan GOP said on its official account on Twitter that Peter Meijer had voted to impeach President Trump, and the voters shouldn’t forget that.

The state party quickly took down the tweet and apologized. They then put out a statement saying that the Michigan GOP remains neutral and supports all Republican Primary candidates.

But the Michigan GOP sent an unmistakable message, and it seemed to hit home with the candidate because Meijer promised to back former President Donald Trump should he be the Republican choice for president in 2024.

Meijer stated his affirmation of his impeachment vote. He feels regret that a vote was even necessary.

According to a report from 2021, Haley Meijer, sister of Peter Meijer, said she supported Tom Norton, a Republican candidate for the seat. According to Norton’s campaign Facebook page, Haley Meijer claimed to be a “top fan” of Norton’s and that she was disappointed with Meijer’s behavior in DC.

Haley Meijer responded to Norton’s campaign video by writing that she appreciated his defense of the Constitution and the liberties it guarantees.

Now Peter Meijer says he’ll back the Republican candidate in 2024, which he said was sure to enrage NeverTrumpers and members of the Lincoln Project. However, he will vote for the Republican nominee because we must ensure Joe Biden leaves office as a one-term President.

Despite having a substantial amount of money and name recognition advantage, Meijer lost the 2022 Republican reelection primary because he voted to impeach Trump.

Meijer, the heir to a grocery store dynasty in the Midwest, will enter the crowded senatorial primary field with major advantages but will face the same challenges in the GOP that stopped him from seeking reelection.

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