Senators Speak Out Against Law Enforcement About Illegal E-Cigarettes

( – Senators have recently blasted top law enforcement and health officials for not doing more to combat the sales of illegal e-cigarettes in the United States.

Democrats and Republicans joined together to express their frustration and concern about the growing multibillion-dollar market for these products. They questioned officials from the Food and Drug Administration and the Justice Department about their attempts to stay on top of the vaping industry.

The committee’s chairman, Dick Durbin, said, “I simply do not understand how FDA and DOJ have permitted thousands of products to remain on store shelves when their manufacturers have not received authorization, or, in some cases, even filed an application.”

He showed a photo he was able to take at a vape shop near the FDA’s Maryland location that showed multiple flavors or brightly colored vape products. Said Durbin, “These illegal products, clearly designed for children by their flavors, are being sold in the shadow of FDA’s building.” He added, “How is that allowed to happen?”

Brian King, FDA’s tobacco chief, spoke about the difficulties getting through the sea of applications from vape companies that are looking for approval in the United States.

“The sheer volume of this product landscape requires that we take the time to conduct scientifically and legally defensible reviews of the twenty-seven million applications,” King said.

Overall, the FDA has only approved a few brands of e-cigarettes that are marketed as alternatives for adult smokers. However, all other e-cigarette and vape brands, including Juul, have been considered illegal by regulators or are still pending review.

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