Sentencing of Deputies Delayed For A SECOND Time?!

Mallet inside a courtroom

( – Two deputies in Mississippi are being called upon and sentenced for the sexual assault and torture of two black residents.

However, the sentencing has been delayed twice now and the Rankin County, Mississippi residents are calling for action. A press conference was held where residents and committee members gathered to speak about the issues after the sentencing was delayed for the second time. During the press conference, attendees spoke about the removal of Sheriff Bryan Bailey and the six officers who assaulted Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker.

They also added that they wanted those who were involved in the murder of Damien Cameron, who was killed by Rankin County sheriffs, to face sentencing as well. Brett McAlpin, Christian Dedmon, Jeffrey Middleton, Hunter Edward, Daniel Opdyke, and Joshua Hartfield are the six men who are being sentenced, however, their sentencing was supposed to begin on January 16, but it has now been delayed until March 19.

“Today we have with us organizations all over the state of Mississippi and all over this country that are standing in solidarity with the Michael Jenkins family, that stand in solidarity with the Eddie Parker family. And all those victims in Mississippi that have been victimized by the Goon Squad over the years,” said Kareem Mohamed who is chair of the Local Organizing Committee.

The deputies are being charged for events that occurred on January 24, 2023. On that day, five Rankin County deputies and one Richland Police officer went into a residence where Jenkins and Parker were staying; they did not have a warrant. The events that followed included both Eddie Parker and Michael Jenkins being beaten, sexually assaulted, and shocked with Tasers for an hour and a half.

The Rankin County community is stepping up and expressing their feelings on the situation as the delays have happened and they’ve said if the sentences are not substantial enough then they will continue protesting.

All six of the men, who were involved in the crimes against both victims Eddie Parker and Michael Jenkins, pleaded guilty to a total of 16 charges. These charges range everywhere from conspiracy against rights, to deprivation of rights under color of law, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

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