Studies Show Ozempic Does NOT Cause Suicidal Thoughts

Semaglutide injecting pen with lid on a white plate

( – The popular drug, Ozempic, has been in discussions all over the internet, especially with the concern of it causing suicidal thoughts. However, a large US study determined that taking Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic does not correlate to suicidal thoughts.

The study was done across 1.8 million Americans and it showed that taking Ozempic made patients have a lower risk of having suicidal thoughts in comparison to other drugs from its competitors.

Ozempic, which is a drug for Type 2 Diabetes, has the ingredient Semaglutide which is what supposedly was linked to suicidal thoughts. Semaglutide is an ingredient that is often found in weight loss drugs and Ozempic for type 2 Diabetes. This ingredient helps to regulate blood sugar levels, but it also suppresses hunger, which is why it’s often used in weight loss drugs.

Concerns over this drug’s possible connection to suicidal thoughts are what prompted this investigation and study in the first place. From 2010 to 2032 there were 265 reports of suicidal thoughts or suicidal behavior. This was enough to prompt a specific study on this specific symptom.

However, the studies showed that there were no correlations between Semaglutide in Ozempic or any other similar drug. There were also no reported suicide attempts with Ozempic, while other drugs that contained similar ingredients, other than Semaglutide, were associated with 14 suicide attempts.

Experts say that the studies can’t rule out suicidal thoughts as a symptom of Ozempic or drugs that have Semaglutide in them. However, studies will hopefully lower the concern of the drug causing suicidal thoughts and how common it might be.

Wegovy, which is a weight loss drug, was also a cause for concern and was a part of the same test. Wegovy has Semaglutide in it as well and was allegedly connected to suicidal thoughts. In the first 6 months of someone using the drug, only 0.11% of people had first-time suicidal thoughts.

Experts say that, overall, with other risk factors involved, having suicidal thoughts was 73% lower when taking Wegovy. No patients reported suicide attempts with this medication either.

The studies came back with similar results across the board no matter the age, sex, or health of the patients that were part of the study.

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