Surprising Apology from Israeli Minister For Her Role in Hamas Attacks

Palestine.Gaza.March.2.2023:Palestinian children suffer in silence from displacement due to the bombing that destroyed their homes.

( – Distel Arbaryan, a former member of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, has just apologized for her role in the violence of the Israel-Gaza conflict. She apologized for her role in the political and social climate of the region that eventually led to the terrorist attacks of October 7th and the current war that came out of it. 

“I was one of those people that caused the state to be weakened, that harmed people,” she said. “I created a split, I created a rift, and I created tension. And this tension brought weakness. And this weakness, in many ways, brought massacre.”

She continued, “I’m here sitting and telling you, the democratic, secular public: I sinned against you, I caused pain for you, I caused you to fear for your lives here, and I am sorry for this.”

Arbaryan discussed how she took part in the escalation of violence as well the tension within the country. 

Distel Arbaryan had served as a public diplomacy minister and was an avid supporter of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since she was known for her harsh criticisms of her opponents it was a surprise that she ended up apologizing for her own political actions. 

After the October 7 Hamas attacks, Arbaryan resigned, realizing that other officials were handling her duties. She showed remorse after realizing her and her administration’s role in this phase of the conflict. 

The Israel-Gaza conflict has its roots in the history of the region, but the continuance of it has been perpetrated by many politicians. Arbaryan’s apology may be the first of many.

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