Sword Health Medical Startup Announces New AI For Patients

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Sword Health, a medical startup, announced that they have developed an artificial intelligence solution they have named Phoenix that patients can speak with through their virtual physical therapy sessions.

Sword offers digital tools to help patients manage pain from home and avoid other options like opioids or surgery. The company has used artificial intelligence in the past, but Virgilio Bento, the CEO, said that Phoenix would offer a more human-like experience.

It is trained to act like a care specialist, and Bento said that the goal is to make it feel like there is a physical therapist inside the patient’s home. Patients can talk directly to Phoenix about how they are feeling and what they are experiencing, and the “specialist” can respond to them by offering feedback or adjusting the difficulty and duration of the sessions.

The patients would join sessions using a tablet from the company that would track their movement. The artificial intelligence system would also monitor progress, summarize the data that it collected, and send it to be reviewed by Sword’s human clinicians.
Bento said, “This is health care, so you will always need that final approval.” He continued, “We have strong guardrails in terms of how we do things.”
Patients can sign up for Sword if their employer or health plan provides it. The company already has three million AI-powered sessions with patients, according to a new release that came out this week. Bento has said that their priority has been business customers, but he hopes to expand their services to everyone.
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