Tenney Requests Impeachment Inquiry for Biden’s Energy Secretary

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – New York Rep. Claudia Tenney wants Congress to launch an impeachment inquiry into Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. Tenney brought the request to Congress during a House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Hearing. Tenney claims that Granholm has behaved unethically and that her actions should be investigated.

Tenney presented the accusation that Granholm has violated the Hatch Act on more than one occasion by endorsing candidates in the Democratic party while in the official capacity of energy secretary in 2021. Granholm was also accused of ethics violations and perjury. Tenney pointed out that Granholm originally testified during a Senate hearing in April that she did not own any personal stock. She then admitted in a letter to lawmakers in June that she was incorrect and had falsely testified while under oath.

Granholm admitted that she owned stock in six different companies and that her husband held stock in Ford. Granholm owned stock in Proterra. A company promoted by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamila Harris for the company’s work regarding electric vehicles. Granholm’s husband also owned stock in Ford while Granholm promoted the company. Granholm also allegeldy violated the Stock Act by neglecting to report $240,000 worth of sales during the legally-mandated time frame.

In response to Tenney’s allegations, Granholm insisted she made an honest mistake when she claimed she and her husband had sold their stock. She claimed to have truly believed they had. Granholm was adamant that she holds herself to the “highest ethical standards” and that she accidentally omitted the information of her husband’s stock in Ford.

These accusations follow a recent scandal involving the Energy Secretary having an electric vehicle charging station blocked by a Department of Energy employee in a gas-powered vehicle to “hold” the spot for the electric vehicle she was driving in an area where charging stations were sparse. This occurred during a four-day road trip intended to promote the efficiency of electric vehicles.

Tenney is the first person to call for the impeachment of Jennifer Granholm.

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