Tesla Ordered to Stop Releasing Toxic Emissions from Plant

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Tesla’s San Francisco Bay Area electric vehicle manufacturing facility has been ordered to fix air quality problems. Tesla has received over one hundred violations for five years of releasing toxic emissions into the atmosphere .

The Bay Area Quality Management District has planned to issue a written statement to the facility later this week. Each of the over one hundred violations resulted in the emitting of hundreds of pounds of illegal air pollution. The plant is at the center of Fremont, and the facility’s paint shop operations are the specific problem. The board ordered Tesla to hire an independent consultant and develop a plan for approval to stop the emissions.

The executive officer of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Philip Fine, said, “Tesla’s ongoing violations at their Fremont facility pose a risk to public health and air quality in the surrounding community.”

He continued, “This order is crucial to ensure that Tesla takes prompt and effective action to stop harmful emissions and comply with all air quality regulations to protect the health of those living near the facility.”

A California judge ordered the company to pay over one million dollars as part of a settlement of a civil case that alleged the company mishandled hazardous waste at its car service centers. The complaint said that it involved the storage and management of the waste.

These violations come at a time when Tesla is recalling their Cybertruck, citing multiple issues with side paneling and the windshield wipers. Tesla didn’t immediately comment on this action but it’s been said that from earlier complaints, the company has changed practice in order to improve compliance.

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