Texas Border City Sends Second Bus Of Migrants To LA

Texas Border City Sends Second Bus Of Migrants To LA

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – For the second time in less than three weeks, a Texas border town has sent a bus filled with illegal aliens seeking asylum to Los Angeles.

Without formally notifying Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass, the bus carrying 41 asylum seekers departed from Brownsville, Texas, to the major California city, arriving at approximately 12:40 p.m. on Saturday, July 1. Among the 41 migrants were 11 children, according to a statement by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. The bus carried individuals from countries such as Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

When the bus arrived at Los Angeles Union Station, the migrants were greeted by a slew of immigration rights and faith organizations. L.A. spokesperson Zach Seidl issued a statement saying that the city believes in treating “everyone” with respect, seemingly emphasizing the point of equality, regardless of legal status.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights spokesperson Jorge-Mario Cabrera said that this group of migrants seemed more at ease than the last group and had been given sandwiches and water, unlike the previous time. Many were then picked up by family members living in the area.

Los Angeles previously received a bus of 42 asylum seekers on June 14 from Texas, which were also predominantly from South American countries. Bass has called it a “despicable stunt” from the Lone Star state meant to protest the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

The news comes as the White House continues to significantly loosen immigration policies to allow the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. through the Southern border. The Supreme Court recently handed the administration a significant legal victory after the conservative-dominated court ruled 8-1 that several GOP-led states did not have the legal standing to challenge the narrowing of immigration policies to compel the executive branch to arrest more people.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote the opinion, saying that the states had cited no precedent to justify a ruling in their favor and that federal courts typically did not entertain lawsuits of this nature.

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