The Simpsons Promise Not to Stop Strangling Bart

( – The “woke” agenda to change everything to their (ever-changing) liking has a new target in the form of one of the longest running cartoons on TV, the Simpsons.

Progressive activists and armchair commentators have called on the show to stop depicting Homer strangling his son Bart – a long-running and iconic gag (albeit one not used as often as woke folks like to think) that has been part of the show for years. People who are against the scene say that it trivializes child abuse.

Others, however, reason that people should just lighten up, and that Homer strangling Bart as a punchline is just part of the Simpsons’ identity. One user on Twitter/X commented, “People can’t take jokes anymore”, followed by a facepalm emoji.

A recent episode of the show shows a new character, Thayer Blackburn (voiced by long-time Simpsons voice actor, Hank Azaria) praising Homer for his strong grip. Homer quips at his wife, Marge, that strangling Bart has “paid off”, but he quickly follows up, saying that he was just joking. “I don’t do that anymore. Times have changed,” Homer tells Marge. It is worth noting though, that Homer has not strangled Bart since Season 31. The show is currently on its 35th season.

True fans of the Simpsons, however, have nothing to fear, as apparently the show – and the gag – will continue on. James L. Brooks, the Simpsons’ producer and developer, said that the show will change “Nothing, nothing, nothing,” adding that “Nothing’s getting tamed”, and that the resident naughty boy of Springfield will “continue to be loved by his father in a specific way.”

Matt Groening, who created the Simpsons, also shared an illustration on social media showing Homer strangling Bart. The caption read that Homer Simpson was “unavailable for comment” due his being “busy strangling Bart”. A word bubble for the Simpsons’ patriarch read, “Why you little clickbaiting-!”

The Simpsons began airing way back in December of 1989, and was created as a parody of typical suburban American life.

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