Therapy Offered To Students In Wake Of SCOTUS Rulings

Therapy Offered To Students In Wake Of SCOTUS Rulings

( – After recent historic Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions finding affirmative action unconstitutional, upholding the free speech clause for religion, and preventing the waiving of student loans, law students at Boston University (BU) have been offered mental health resources by their Student Government Association (SGA).

The court recently issued three significant rulings that settle questions that have raised controversy and emotion in the U.S. for decades:

Fox News obtained an email from the BU Student Government Association (SGA), which sent the student body a message supporting Justice Sotomayor’s dissent in favor of affirmative action and against the ascending judges who ruled in favor of a “‘colorblind’ admission process.”

Boston University’s SGA also slammed the ruling in 303 Creative LLC v. Ellenis and blasted the ruling in Biden v. Nebraska, “These three decisions…erode the rights of marginalized communities…”

The SGA went on to remind students that “BU…offers a number of wellness resources that are …able to help students navigate these times,” indicating that students may find a need for the existing therapy and mental health services on campus because of the SCOTUS rulings.

Critics of the SGA believe this indicates a campus environment that shows coddling for an emotionally fragile student body rather than one capable of intellectual discourse on the decisions. The argument continues that by prioritizing emotional support over critical thinking, there may be a hindrance to the development of competent legal professionals.

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