ThousandEyes Launches AI to Predict and Fix Internet Outages

( – Cisco’s ThousandEyes is an internet monitoring unit that unveiled new artificial intelligence-powered capabilities, allowing for a faster diagnosis and prediction of internet outages.

The company’s new artificial intelligence tech, Digital Experience Assurance, would enable customers to automatically act on issues with their network. With the current ThousandEyes software, customers can monitor their IT infrastructure for network issues, but they’re unable to quickly repair or diagnose issues.

The company calls itself the “Google Maps” of the internet because of its ability to map out every user and application over any network. They have said that, like many other companies now, they will be investing a substantial amount into artificial intelligence, and now they are finally making the changes.

The vice president and general manager of ThousandEyes, Joe Vaccaro, said, “DXA would provide the ability not only to resolve issues before they begin to impact my users, but leverage broad data to actually begin to predict and give forward intelligence on what might happen across infrastructure, to proactively address it before it begins to significantly degrade overall digital experiences.”

He continued, “Digital experience assurance helps to build upon this evolutionary journey beyond metrics, beyond monitoring, towards a platform that delivers on a closed loop system.”

It would come with capabilities to allow businesses to analyze, correlate, diagnose, predict, remediate, and optimize without manual intervention. The firm said that they are giving businesses visibility into their internal environments and networks.

Vaccaro also gave information regarding a new project they’re working on that can generate AI-created scripts tracking the status of global internet service providers, public cloud, and edge service networks. Some of these additions are similar to what ThousandEyes already does, but with AI, they will be able to do it without needing a person to do the work.

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