Tesla Recalls Over 1 Million Vehicles?!

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(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Tesla, Elon Musk’s innovative electric, self-driving car brand, has just announced that they are recalling 1.6 million of their vehicles. This popular car gained traction as people were intrigued by its electric nature and its fancy features, such as its self-driving capabilities.

The recall covers Tesla models S, X, 3, and Y. The recall is on the self-driving feature, as well as door latch control issues. The recall was announced on Friday by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation and it said that in most cases owners would not need to bring their cars in for maintenance, as Tesla will do remote upgrades to fix the issues.

7,500 Tesla Model S and Model X, 3, and Ys made from October 26, 2022, to November 16, 2023, are under the recall. The recall is to fix an issue of door latches opening up upon impact due to a collision or car crash.

The second recall is for more than 2 million Tesla Model X, S, 3, and Ys for their self-driving feature. The issue arises when drivers activate the self-driving feature but do not pay attention to the road, expecting to occupy themselves otherwise while driving.

Tesla, in a document to the United States, explained that the recall would implement new safety features of extra alerts and warnings for when drivers have their hands off the wheel. This is to try and keep drivers more aware of the road even when using the self-driving feature.

This comes after many reports of these functions caused collisions – some fatal – which prompted a 2-year investigation and resulted in this recall. With this being said, the National Transportation Safety Board, says that these extra alerts and warnings are prompted based on the torque active on the steering wheel, but they aren’t that accurate and won’t be able to tell if someone is fully paying attention or not.

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