Trans Activists Show Too Much At White House Event

Trans Activists Show Too Much At White House Event

( – A recent event held at the White House to commemorate Pride Month, the month popularly designated to celebrate LGBTQ+ people, has come under fire after transgender activists exposed themselves.

The “Pride Month 2023” event saw the White House decorated with rainbow flags, among other adornments associated with Pride Month.

The news comes amid widespread allegations that Pride Month is not family-friendly and often exhibits hyper-sexualized acts and performances unsuitable for children. This debate is also tied into the cultural dispute over whether allowing drag queens to host “story hours” for children in K-12 schools is okay.

TikTok influencer Rose Montoya, a biological male who identifies as a woman, posted the original video from the event, which was held on Saturday, June 10.

A White House spokesperson said in a statement that the behavior exhibited by Montoya was “inappropriate and disrespectful.” The spokesperson also stated that those participating in the video will not be invited to future White House events.

Since the incident, Montoya has reportedly doubled down on what happened, saying that the decision to expose himself at the White House is part of the support for “freeing the nipple.” Montoya also said there was “zero intention” of being vulgar and that he was simply living his “truth.”

He also said that those bearing their breasts were merely showing off their “top surgeries” and that he wanted to be “free” with them, describing the ordeal as “living in joy,” though he also decided to cover his nipples to “play it safe.”

In a speech during the event, President Joe Biden said that LGBTQ+ people were “some of the most bravest and inspiring” people he has ever known. First Lady Jill Biden also noted that there are “those who want to drive this country backwards,” in what appeared to be a jab at conservatives who oppose transgenderism.

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