Trump Claims He Averted Nuclear Crisis While In Office

( – Last week, Donald Trump’s legal team released the transcript of his April 2022 deposition in the civil suit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, the Associated Press reported.

In the long, meandering 479-page transcript in which the former president frequently filibustered, Trump claimed that the Trump Organization is flush with money and even claimed that he saved the lives of millions by preventing a nuclear war when he was president.

The transcript was released as part of a flurry of court filings Trump’s legal team submitted ahead of a September 22 hearing at which a judge could resolve all or part of Attorney General James’ lawsuit before the trial begins in October.

James claims that evidence in her yearslong investigation into the Trump Organization shows that Donald Trump fraudulently inflated his net worth by over $2 billion in some years.

In his April 13 deposition, Trump told Attorney General James that she should drop the case because “you don’t have a case.” He complained about being forced to “come and justify myself” after everything he has done for New York City.

When asked about the truthfulness of the financial statements he provided to banks, Trump repeatedly said that it didn’t matter if the statements were accurate. Trump described the statements as “worthless” and said the banks weren’t supposed to pay any “credence to what we say whatsoever.”

Unlike his first deposition before James filed suit in which Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment over 400 times, in his April testimony, Trump’s answers were so verbose that one lawyer expressed concern that the deposition would go until midnight.

In his 7-hour deposition, Trump claimed that his Mar-a-Lago estate is worth $1.5 billion. He also claimed that the Trump Organization has more than $400 million in cash on hand. He said his Miami golf course is worth between $2 and $2.5 billion and suggested that he could sell his Scotland golf course to the Saudis “for a fortune.”

Trump also conceded that after he was elected president, he wasn’t paying as much attention to his business since his focus was on world affairs. He claimed that there would have been a “nuclear holocaust” if he hadn’t made a deal with North Korea and there would have been a “nuclear war” if he hadn’t been elected president.

Donald Trump isn’t expected to testify if the lawsuit goes to trial. However, video clips from his deposition could be played for the jury.

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