Trump Promises Retribution

( ) – A report suggests former president Donald Trump has warned his political opponents of prosecution if the Republicans regain power.

Trump is being sued in a civil complaint for corporate fraud in a Lower Manhattan court and is also the subject of 91 charges for various alleged offenses. He implied that if elected in 2024, he would turn the legal tables on his opponents.

Trump wrote on his social media network TruthSocial that he was being tried by a biased judge, a corrupt attorney general, and a system that, for the first time in history, did not allow for a trial by jury under the statute. The good news, he said, is the facts are on his side. The bad news, he said, is that this trial is being carried out like something out of a Banana Republic, and even the Fake News Media is starting to catch on.

Nevertheless, this allows Republicans to do the equivalent should they take power. Trump stated that Biden is arguably the most corrupt and inept President in the history of the United States.

Reports reveal James Comer (R-KY), chair of the House Oversight Committee, poked holes in James Biden’s explanation for the $200,000 check he reportedly sent to President Joe Biden in 2018. Joe Biden’s brother, James, has disputed that the two had any preexisting business ties that would account for the gift of a $200,000 check. He said the funds were repayment for a loan from Joe. Comer issued a subpoena for James Biden’s financial records, which disproved James’ assertions.

Americore lent James Biden $600,000. Comer views the $200,000 payment as suspicious since the company was in financial trouble. James Biden received $200,000 from Americore on March 1, 2018. On that day, James sent $200,000 to then-Vice President Joe Biden’s account.

Meanwhile, a Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) survey released on Wednesday indicated that Biden’s favorability among Americans is at a four-year low as the beleaguered octogenarian pursues a second term.The percentage of people with a good opinion of Biden is 37%, while the 60% with an unfavorable opinion of him is his worst negative rating since 2019.

The pollster showed Biden’s favorability rating dropped from 42% in October 2019 to 41% in the 2020 election cycle. In light of his recent defeats and numerous scandals, the polling comes at a bad time for Biden.

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