Trump Responds to Business License Revocation

( – The judge overseeing New York’s civil suit against Donald Trump and his company ruled on Tuesday that the former president and the Trump Organization “repeatedly” violated state fraud law by fraudulently overvaluing properties, CBS News reported.

New York Attorney General Letitia James sought a summary judgment on one of the claims in her civil suit which is scheduled for trial on October 2.

The Attorney General argued that it is indisputable that Trump and his company overstated his wealth by as much as $3.6 billion while providing banks with financial statements.

In his ruling, Judge Arthur Engoron agreed. He ordered Trump’s state business certificates canceled and gave the company ten days to recommend possible independent receivers to manage the canceled LLCs’ dissolution.

Both sides filed motions for summary judgment. While the Attorney General sought a summary judgment on one claim, Trump’s legal team asked Judge Engoron to dismiss all seven claims, arguing that the attorney general lacked standing to sue and that the statute of limitations had already passed for many of the claims listed in the lawsuit.

In his ruling on Tuesday, Judge Engoron rejected the defense’s motion to dismiss.

In a statement responding to the ruling, Trump raged against Judge Engoron, calling him deranged, and saying that the judge’s decision has taken the attacks against him “to new, un-American depths,” the New York Post reported.

Trump accused the judge of “doing the bidding” of Attorney General Letitia James whom he described as “biased” and “corrupt.”

Returning to his regular refrain, Trump accused the Democrats of being behind the “witch hunt” to undermine his election campaign and violate his civil rights.

Trump said an appellate court “must reverse this horrible, un-American decision.”

In a separate statement on Tuesday, Trump’s Save America PAC legal spokeswoman Alina Habba said the former president’s attorneys will appeal the decision which she described as “fundamentally flawed at every level.” Habba called Judge Engoron’s ruling “an affront to our legal system.”

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