Twitter’s New CEO Breaks Her Silence

Twitter's New CEO BREAKS Her Silence!

( – Twitter’s new CEO finally broke her silence and released a statement on the social media platform, according to The Daily Wire. Linda Yaccarino has been the subject of criticism since it was announced she would be taking over the business side of things while Musk focuses on “product design & new technology,” as Musk said in his own words.

It was clear from the beginning that Musk did not want to remain the CEO forever, as he said he was looking for someone to take over.

Nevertheless, “RIP Twitter” was trending as users revealed questionable information about the new CEO. Over the last decade, Yaccarino worked at NBC with attention to measuring the effectiveness of advertising. She also has a spot at the World Economic Forum as the chair of the Taskforce on Future of Work. She also sits on the WEF’s Media, Entertainment, and Culture Industry Governors Steering Committee.

The WEF has long been a target of criticism from the public. According to Jacob Yusufov, the editor-in-chief at American Pigeon, the organization is a forum composed of global leaders like Xi Jinping and John Kerry. The WEF has issued many disaster predictions and reportedly uses corporate power to advance political agendas.

The organization’s founder, Klaus Schwab, wrote “The Great Reset” and has famously said that in 10 years, people at the bottom will “own nothing and be happy with it.”

Musk has tried to reassure critics that Yaccarino will not go back to the time of indiscriminate shadow bans for content unfavorable to the leftist ideology. For her part, the new CEO expressed her excitement to be part of the new position and thanked him. She said she was inspired by her vision and looked forward to transforming the company.

She added that people’s feedback is “vital” to the future of Twitter and encouraged them to keep the conversation going.

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