U.S. Nurse Commits Suicide After Describing Work Struggles

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Tristan Kate Smith was a United States nurse who committed suicide, and her writings prior to her death revealed an in-depth look into why she may have done this.

Tristan Smith was a nurse who frequently voiced her opinions about her career in the healthcare industry and the lack of support that healthcare workers received, especially during the pandemic. She was a 28-year-old in Ohio who wrote a letter that is now being publicized to show the true problems that nurses encounter.

In her letter called “A Letter to My Abuser,” she wrote “The compliments, the pizzas, the ‘thank you’ letters gradually had less meaning to me…You ignore us while we beg on our hands and knees. We get a pizza party and free pens for being ‘healthcare heroes’.”

“There is no help,” she said.

Her dad, Ron Smith, found her dead in her home with a self-inflicted wound. Ron discussed how Tristan spoke about her job. He claimed that she was worried someone would come in and shoot up the place or that she would be harmed at work.

“She told me she would cry before she went to work,” he said. Ron continued, “She said the only breaks she’d get were when she’d grab her sandwich on the way to the bathroom and get a few bites. I told her she needed to start thinking about a different career.”

In October, her dad Ron Smith published her letter in an Ohio newspaper and it’s since gone viral as many have commented on the details of the letter. In response, many other nurses have agreed with Tristan and said that the conditions that they worked under were terrible and that the harassment of female nurses has increased heavily.

With staffing issues, fraud scandals, and overworked nurses and doctors, U.S. hospitals have become ever more stressful environments. Ron Smith is attempting to spread the word and bring light to the struggles of the current healthcare environment.

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