UFO Expert Says Government Needs To Come Clean About Materials

UFO Expert Says Government Needs To Come Clean About Materials

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – In an op-ed at Politico, Christopher Mellon, a research affiliate with Harvard University’s Galileo Project, called for transparency from the government on “crash materials” from unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that it has recovered.

Mellon praises Congress for creating the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, which reviews non-disclosure agreements related to UAP, evaluates all historical intelligence, and protects those who signed official secrecy agreements with the government. Mellon writes that the establishment of this office could finally resolve the question if we are “alone in the universe.”

However, Mellon argues that despite some transparency about UAP, the intelligence community and the Pentagon still haven’t addressed whether there has been “direct contact with these objects.”

Mellon claims to have spoken with whistleblowers who have provided documents and details on secret government programs to reverse-engineer the technology in UAP and argues that if this is the case, the public has the right to know about it.

Mellon suggests that Congress should “seek a report” from the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community on any evidence they have acquired on “crash retrievals.” He argues that this could provide the leads needed to confirm if the accusations of a cover-up are true.

He explains that the goal of such an investigation wouldn’t be to “prosecute or punish,” but to get to the truth, even if it is “shocking and disorienting.”

Mellon argues that following the facts “wherever they lead” is in the best interest of “all nations.” He explains that keeping this “vital information” hidden would pose a “huge barrier” to our ability to understand and adapt “to the world around us.”

Noting the prevalence of “lies and disinformation” that currently pollute our public discourse, Mellon argues that it is impossible to have “meaningful debates on policy” when people can’t “agree on the basic facts.”

Mellon’s commentary comes at an interesting time, as former combat officer and intelligence official David Charles Grusch recently testified before Congress regarding covert programs hiding UAP/UFO retrievals from the public. According to Grusch, the United States has possessed partial and fully intact UFO wreckage for roughly 80 years. Grusch claims the material is of “non-human origin.”

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