Ukraine Destroyed A $330 Million Russian Spy Plane?!

Russian long-range strategic bomber Tu-95 “Bear” in flight

( – The Ukraine and Russia war has been going on for nearly two years now, and we’ve seen both sides experience wins and losses, but just recently Ukraine had a very successful strike.

On Monday, Ukraine stated that they were able to take down a Russian spy plane that was worth $330 million. They said that they’d destroyed a Russian Beriev A-50 spy plane and an Ilyushin II-22 airborne command post as well. This was a successful strike by Ukraine as Russia is still repairing its military.

Army Chief Valeriy Zaluzhnya wrote, “Ukraine’s Air Force destroyed an enemy A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft and an enemy IL-22 air control center…I am grateful to the Air Force for the perfectly planned and executed operation in the Azov Sea region!”

Russia did not immediately respond to comment, but Ukraine did value the aircraft at $330 million, claiming that it was a hard hit on Russia.

The A-50 is a very well-known aircraft that was originally used in service at the end of the Soviet Era. It’s a substantial aircraft that can scan an area of hundreds of kilometers to search for enemy aircraft, ships, and missiles.

Many Russian bloggers mentioned how substantial this strike is, saying that it’s a hard hit to Russia because there aren’t that many A-50s in operation.

Russia blogger Rybar, who supports the Russian war in Ukraine and has over 1 million followers, put out a statement saying, “It will be another dark day for the Russian Aerospace Forces and Air Defense. There are not many A-50s. And the specialists operating them are generally rare. If an aircraft of this type is hit, the crew will not be able to escape.”

It’s unknown how many of these aircraft Russia has, but it’s said that this aircraft has been used throughout the Ukraine war. It can track a missile from 497 miles away and it can detect ground and sea targets 186 miles away. It can collect more than 300 targets at one time, making it a crucial asset to Russia, and with one of these A-50 aircraft downed, they don’t have many more to work with.

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