UPenn Donor Protests School’s Stance – With His Wallet

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Computer scientist, philantrhopist, and University of Pennsylvania alumnus David Magerman was once a major financial donor to his alma mater. However, following the campus’ response to the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, Magerman has decided to stop funding UPenn. He is not the only donor who stopped contributing money to Ivy League schools.

During an interview with Fox News, Magerman said he is pulling his money because he does not like how UPenn is handling the anti-Israel rallies on campus. He does not believe the views of UPenn align with what the students are picketing for.

There was a gathering for the “Palestine Writes” literature festival at the University of Pennsylvania. Some of the speakers were known for being antisemitic. No UPenn official spoke out against the speakers that were associated with Hamas. Magerman found this silence unacceptable. He noted many universities say students have the freedom of speech and assembly. However, he says the school should do or say something when faced with “evil.” UPenn was too cowardly to take “a stand.” The university was hoping to maintain a nonpartisan stance.

Liz Magill, UPenn’s president, said she heard the alumnus’ exasperation. She said she and UPenn stand “emphatically against the terrorist attacks” inflicted upon the Israelis. She said UPenn is also “against antisemitism.”

Magerman decided it was too late for his alma mater to try to convince him to keep sending his donations. He said Magill responded after losing funds, not when it was vital immediately following the anti-Israel speakers. He says UPenn does not maintain the values it had when he was attending as a student. He wants all donors to re-evaluate their reasons for funding their alma maters. They should instead consider universities that will promote better values for America’s future society, he said.

Jon Huntsman, a former United States Ambassador, analyzed UPenn’s situation and publicly disclosed he would no longer contribute donations to the school.

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