US Earmarks Billions for Global LGBTQ Initiatives

( – Reports show Americans are worried that the United States has spent too much money on LGBT initiatives at home and abroad, according to a review of federal spending published in The Epoch Times, which found that over the last three fiscal years, the country spent more than $4.1 billion to support LGBT initiatives.

Between October 1, 2020, and September 30, 2023, the US government funded approximately 1,100 LGBT advocacy projects worldwide. These programs cover several activities. For example, the US encourages LGBTQI+ economic “empowerment” to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) throughout Serbia’s professions and industries. The US government gave an activist group $500,000 for this.

Pink Human Rights Defender received $1 million from the US to support LGBTI persons in Armenia.

The word “LGBT” appeared in 1,181 awards, some with $1 million incentives totaling approximately $3.7 billion. There were 574 awards, including “transgender,” with $478 million in payouts.

An anonymous researcher known as Randoland tracks federal funding for homosexuality initiatives.

The website discovered that the US government has encouraged LGBT culture overseas and at home. Over $333,000 was provided to digitize and access LGBT television and radio, and $324,000 was granted to map historical LGBTQ landmarks using gay tourist guides.

According to a report, LGBT groups, especially educational ones, get US government financing. Tiffany Justice of Moms for Liberty opposes these measures.

The DOJ claims that the federal government uses grant money to influence public schools’ culture and environment to assist LGBT activist organizations. Moms for Liberty surveys found that over 70% of Americans prefer primary education before sexual orientation or gender ideology.

Despite widespread opposition, the government continues to fund initiatives like “LGBTQIA+ pride centers,” which received $1.2 million in the San Diego Community College District, and indigenous, LGBTQIA+, rural, and overlooked school-based mental health needs in North Dakota, which received almost $1.6 million.

Many are worried that this spending pattern goes against what the American people want. Concerns have been raised about the federal government’s dedication to spending tax dollars against the majority’s wishes with its continuous backing of these programs.

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