US Explores Enhancing Space Force in Partnership with China

( – General Chance Saltzman, the head of the United States Space Force, told a media outlet on Monday that his organization has discussed the possibility of establishing a hotline with China in order to avoid space conflicts.

However, the United States has not yet initiated contact with China to create a direct channel for dialogue with the Space Force and a Chinese equivalent, which the commander of space operations has suggested would be helpful in curtailing tensions.

The U.S. Space Force has no direct channel of contact with its Russian equivalent.

The recent claims that China was spying on the U.S. from Cuba and the near military clashes in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea have strained the relationship between the United States and China.

An official in the Biden administration claims that since 2019, China has had a spy facility in Cuba. This is part of China’s more significant worldwide push to improve its information-collecting capabilities.

An unnamed U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity claimed that the CIA has known for some time that China is conducting espionage operations from Cuba as part of a bigger push to establish intelligence-gathering operations across the world. General Chance Saltzman said it will be up to the State Department and President Joe Biden to lead these negotiations.

Given the significance of space technology in combat, these remarks come as the United States Space Force considers opening a base in Japan as China’s military aspirations in the Indo-Pacific unnerve its neighbors.

A report shows that Japan is worried China may have learned something from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago, particularly with regard to Taiwan. China continues to threaten military action until Taiwan accepts Chinese rule.

Saltzman said closer collaboration with similar-minded nations, including Japan, will be necessary to monitor behavior in the realm of space to fight the jamming of satellite communications. He said the US needs to be able to discern what they’re up to, confront them about their motives, and heed the warning signs.

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