US Forces Repeatedly Targeted by Drone Attacks

( – A report reveals that after the Israel-Hamas war began, in the most widely spread sequence of airstrikes on U.S. assets in one day, U.S. soldiers were the targets in three assaults in Iraq.

Near the Iraqi city of Mosul, an explosive device detonated near a joint patrol of U.S. soldiers and the Iraqi terrorism prevention agency, damaging a vehicle but resulting in no deaths. No injuries were reported, according to sources, but a U.S. military officer acknowledged that a coalition convoy commanded by the US had met with an IED explosion near Mosul Dam.

A Pentagon spokesman said multiple one-way drones attacked US and coalition personnel at Rumalyn Landing Zone in Syria on Saturday morning.
The official claimed one drone was destroyed before reaching its destination, and the other hit Rumalyn but did not explode. No one was hurt, nor was infrastructure damaged.

A report shows that when the Obama administration was fighting ISIS in Syria, American troops went there to aid the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-led organization. There are around 900 US soldiers in Syria now.

One of the fuel bunkers at the al-Harir airfield caught fire after being attacked by drones, according to a statement released by Iraqi Kurdistan’s counter-terrorism agency, which is independent of the Federal Iraqi service. In addition, it said that all coalition troops headed by the United States had left the facility on October 20.

Since October, at least 40 attacks against U.S. and coalition soldiers have occurred in Iraq and Syria due to Israel’s brutal embargo of Gaza in retribution for Hamas militants’ cross-border incursion on October 7.

U.S. authorities report that 45 U.S. personnel had been injured, either severely or mildly, before Wednesday.

The United States holds organizations supported by Iran ultimately accountable for the assaults, an allegation Tehran strongly refutes, insisting the attackers acted on their own will.

As long as the US supports Israel’s assault on Gaza, militias in Iraq that Iran supports have openly said that they would continue to attack U.S. assets.

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